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Ample ZSB™ a Unique Blend of Nutrients Specifically for Alfalfa

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

A balanced formula of NPK, Zinc, Sulfur and Boron as well as other chelated micronutrients that are quickly absorbed through the leaves and roots.

Fortifed with Ample™.

Increased root mass development through nodulation allows the plant to absorb more nutrients available through the soil and from current fertilizer programs leading to improved plant vigor.

Increased root development helps the plant overcome chemical and environmental stress and is critical for quick regrowth after each cutting.

Get results with higher yields and increased carbohydrate and protein concentrations.

Gets Results...

Field trials have resulted 5-20% increase in yield over 3 cuttings. In addition, higher carbohydrate and protein concentrations were realized under normal field conditions.

NPK Values: 3-5-5

Providing Valuable Nutrients for Crops and Livestock

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