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First Cutting is Not the Time to Mess With Success

First cutting of alfalfa is fast approaching for many farmers. The outcome of this initial harvest will set the tone for the rest of the growing season, but the past few months of questionable conditions might throw a wrench into the rhythm of chopping or baling.


First cutting can provide up to 50% of a hayfield’s total yield across all harvests. This means half of a year’s worth of hay can be high quality — or not — depending on harvest timing. What’s more is alfalfa accumulates dry matter faster in the spring and early summer than it does later in the growing season, emphasizing the importance of a well-timed first cut so not to waste an opportunity to harvest high-value feed.

DYNA-CURE™ hay conditioner is designed to improve the quality and manageability of hay forages.

High quality hay produced with DYNA-CURE™ results in improved palatability, digestibility and overall feed value. This reduces waste and promotes more pounds of milk or more pounds of beef gained per ton consumed.

To produce high quality hay, alfalfa must be removed from the field quickly. Baling sooner gives the producer several advantages that effect overall yield per acre.

Can help:

Reduce Leaf Shatter

Reduce Respiration Losses

Accelerate Curing Process

Improve Dry Matter Recovery


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